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As of Jan 1st, 2008 Mothman will be retired. I will no longer provide programs to schools, state parks, churches, private parties or other public functions. Thank you all for your cooperation in the past. This website will be maintained for all as contact for questions you have on moths, butterflies, and other insects. Links to other organizations and events will be maintained on my calendar by months.
Thank you, Mothman

This is the Web site of John D. Laskowski, the Mothman. I have provided informative programs to hundreds of groups in six states in the last thirty six years. Enlightening programs on moths, butterflies, and general entomology capture the attention of program participants of all ages. Groups ranging from preschool daycare kids to the convalescence care elderly enjoy the mix of video, color slides, pictures, and of course live specimens of moths, caterpillars, butterflies (more caterpillars) beetles, bees, and bugs. Demonstrations, hands-on activities, and boxes and boxes of excellent books on insects, spiders, and nature lore will keep your audience immersed in the world of Mothman.


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Phone: (717) 362-7979
Email: john.laskowski@mothman.org

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